Campervan by Kingston Lake near Queenstown New Zealand

Compare campervan hire New Zealand – How to find the perfect camper to suit your needs.

If you’re starting to plan your dream trip you’ll want to compare campervan hire New Zealand to ensure you have an amazing, comfortable and stress free holiday. Nothing is worse than being unhappy with your campervan home or having your holiday wrecked by endless problems. We’ll show you what comparisons you need to make between campervan options themselves and also between hire companies. We’ll also show you the easiest way to compare campervan hire options!

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freedom camping in New Zealand - Lake Opuha Reserve freedom camping

Freedom camping in New Zealand

One of the most confusing aspects of planning a New Zealand road trip is wrapping your head around freedom camping. Some people sugar coat it and make it seem like the easiest and most doable thing in the world, and others will tell you its impossible and not to even bother trying. What is the current situation with freedom camping in New Zealand? After spending 5 weeks there, we’ll tell you below!

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Self contained van NZ and freedom camping non self contained

Non self contained or self contained van NZ?

Do you need a self contained van NZ to travel New Zealand? To freedom camp? Or can you hire a non self contained van, which is cheaper? If you’ve begun researching a New Zealand road trip, you’ll likely have come across information about freedom camping (known as wild camping in Europe) and self contained campers. However it’s easy to get confused about which option is best. We’ll outline it all for you based on our experience travelling around New Zealand in a campervan.

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