Dry Season in Cambodia - a beautiful view through the window of a mountain temple

Dry Season in Cambodia: Best time to travel?

Dry Season in Cambodia: Is it the best time to travel?

When a lot of people hear the words ‘rainy season’ or worse ‘monsoon season’ they tend to steer clear of travelling during those times. Just because a country has a dry season however, doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the best time to travel. In the case of Cambodia, there are pro’s and con’s to travelling in either season. Dry season in Cambodia is high season, but is it the best time to experience the country? And what do monsoons have to do with it?

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High season in Vietnam

High season in Vietnam? When should I plan to travel?

Vietnam is an amazing country with a vibrant culture, stunningly beautiful landscape and delicious food.  A large country, Vietnam has three distinct weather patterns related do the different regions of South Vietnam, Central Vietnam and North Vietnam. So when is the best time visit Vietnam? Well, high season in Vietnam is the time you will get the most ideal weather conditions across all three regions.

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