Campervan in the European Alps

Buying a motorhome in Europe for non-residents

If you’re planning a long term campervan or motorhome trip you’ve probably wondered about buying a motorhome in Europe. “Can I buy a motorhome in Europe as a non resident?” I hear you ask. The short answer is yes, absolutely. The longer answer, however, is that buying a motorhome in Europe as a non resident is a complex process. There are multiple options, multiple degrees of ownership and multiple ways to lose your money. In this article I’m going to explain the 5 ways you can legally buy a motorhome or campervan in Europe and give you as much information as I can about how it all works.

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US passport and international driving permit for Europe

Do I need an International Driving Permit for Europe

If you’re planning a road trip through Europe as a non resident you will need an International Drivers Permit, or IDP. There are different types of International Drivers Permits, and different European countries have different requirements. I’m going to tell you what countries require what type, and how you can get an IDP at home, before you leave for your trip.

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Hiring a campervan to travel Europe

Hiring a campervan to travel Europe – Make the best choice easily with our ultimate guide

Hiring a campervan to travel Europe can be a daunting experience. The reality is that it is your home and transport for the duration of your road trip and getting it wrong can really cause a lot of problems. That being said, hiring a campervan doesn’t have to be this nightmarish, nail biting decision. In this guide I’ll explain everything (in what might feel like excruciating detail) so that you can confidently choose the best campervan. I’ll show you what to look for, what questions to ask and how to book your campervan. I’ll also discuss what paperwork and information you need to take with you and how to make your campervan pick up a smooth and simple transaction that sets up the beginning of a brilliant holiday.

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Differences between campervan and motorhome travel in Europe

What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome: Which is better in Europe?

Confused about the difference between a campervan and a motorhome? If you’re starting to plan your road trip you’ll need to decide whether to buy or hire a motorhome or campervan. In this article we’re going to compare and contrast campervans and motorhomes. We’ll look at the pro’s and con’s of both options. We’ll also compare facilities and amenities and discuss the less tangible things, like how they feel to drive and challenges you might have with each. Hopefully by the end you’ll have a better idea about what sort of vehicle is best for your and your travel plans. Bring on the competition, campervan vs motorhome!

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Milford Sound Travel Guide New Zealand South Island

How to explore the magnificent Milford Sound – A complete travel guide

Famously called the 8th wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling, Milford Sound is New Zealand’s premier tourist attraction welcoming up to a million visitors every year. If you’re thinking of experiencing this incredible natural wonder, our New Zealand travel guide will explain how. I’ll explain your options for getting there, what you can do when you arrive, where you can stay and much more.

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Where can i park my campervan in New Zealand? Freedom camping grounds

Where can I park my campervan in New Zealand?

You’re all excited, reading up on New Zealand, looking at campervans to rent, finding incredible tours to do… and you suddenly ask yourself ‘Where can I park my campervan in New Zealand?’. Where can I park overnight? How much is it going to cost? Sound familiar? If you’re anything like me, the thought of ‘where to park my campervan’ came a little later in the process. Don’t worry though. In this article I’ll outline all your options for where to stay in a camper or motorhome. I’ll also give you the costs to help with budget planning and show you some fantastic tools that’ll help you find places to stay overnight with ease. So lets get to it.

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Campervan against backdrop of snowy mountains in New Zealand in winter

Campervanning New Zealand in winter: A must have guide

While summer is considered peak season in New Zealand, there are many reasons why campervanning New Zealand in the winter is a fantastic idea. You may be wondering if you’re going to freeze your butt off or spend the days soaking wet and miserable. The short answer to these questions is no, you won’t. Not with a little preparation anyway. After travelling New Zealand and spending two whole winters in a camper in the Netherlands, I’m pretty comfortable with this topic. There is no one who dislikes being cold and/or wet more than I do. The great thing is that there are plenty of ways to negate this and be perfectly comfortable and you’re in luck, because I’m going to share them with you below!

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Cheap campervan hire New Zealand - driving in Tekapo

Cheap campervan hire New Zealand – What are my options?

The planning and organizing stage of a trip can be exciting, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for cheap campervan hire New Zealand, don’t panic, I’ve got you covered. New Zealand is not a cheap country to travel, but thankfully there are some great budget options when it comes to campervans and motorhomes. In this article, I’ve done all the leg work for you. I’ve compared a variety of affordable rental campers from reputable companies, because ‘budget’ doesn’t have to mean crappy. Less cost and less drama equal more time and money for you to spend on the things that matter, having an incredible time in one of my favorite countries in the world. So buckle in and lets get comparing.

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Cathedral Cave - The Catlins at sunrise - New Zealand Bucket List

Our New Zealand Bucket list -completed-

Our list of the best things to do in New Zealand

When I first began researching our New Zealand trip, I remember being so overwhelmed with all the options of things to do and places to see. It all looked so amazing. The more New Zealand bucket list articles I read, and ‘best things to do in New Zealand’ posts I flicked through, the more excited I became, but it got harder and harder to choose. It took me weeks to sort through all the options. I mean, you can’t do everything, right? There are time restrictions and costs to consider.

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Campsite in Northland New Zealand

10 things that surprised us about New Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders often like to think of ourselves as cousins. We’re pretty close geographically, we always support each other during times of need and Australia has a lot of New Zealanders (we call them Kiwi’s) living in our midst. That being said, I had no idea what to expect when I first started planning our New Zealand trip. Here are 11 things that were a complete surprise about New Zealand.

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Fox Glacier Heli Hike – Walking on a glacier

We could not wait to walk on a glacier in New Zealand! After a bit of research we found our ideal Fox Glacier Heli Hike tour and booked it. The tour, consisting of helicoptering up to the glacier and wandering around its spectacular formations was incredible. In this article I’ll give you all the information you need to have your own exciting adventure and tick walking on a glacier off your bucket list!

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cliffs of Milford Sound

Doubtful Sound vs Milford Sound – Which one is better?

When you start planning your trip and look at the images online it can be really difficult to know which of these spectacular waterways, Doubtful Sound vs Milford Sound, you should explore. We couldn’t choose and as we had some time, decided to see both. In this article I’ll break them down for you and help you decide which sound, Doubtful or Milford, is best for you.

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New Zealand Self Drive Itinerary South Island views from the road at Kaikoura

New Zealand Self Drive Itinerary South Island

Following our New Zealand Self Drive Itinerary South Island will allow you to experience the very best of New Zealand’s spectacular nature and wild life. Whether you’re in a car or campervan, there is no better way to get around this beautiful part of the country and experience the untamed, incredible natural environment.

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Campervan by Kingston Lake near Queenstown New Zealand

Compare campervan hire New Zealand – How to find the perfect camper to suit your needs.

If you’re starting to plan your dream trip you’ll want to compare campervan hire New Zealand to ensure you have an amazing, comfortable and stress free holiday. Nothing is worse than being unhappy with your campervan or having your holiday wrecked by endless problems. We’ll show you what comparisons you need to make between campervan options themselves and also between hire companies. We’ll also show you the easiest way to compare campervan hire options! If you follow our recommendations you’ll have a campervan that meets all your needs.

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The Tongoriro National Park - beginning of the Tongariro crossing

Tongariro National Park – Everything you need to know

Exploring Tongariro National park and walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of our greatest memories from our time in New Zealand. Tongariro National Park has an environment unlike anywhere else in New Zealand, it is other-worldly, awe inspiring and straight out fascinating. In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know to visit Tongariro National Park, complete the unforgettable Tongariro Crossing and spend a few days exploring this insane region of New Zealand’s North Island.

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What is the best Maori Experience Rotorua? Maori performers in traditional attire

Which is the best Maori experience Rotorua?

The heartland of New Zealand’s Maori culture, it’s easy to see why millions of people flock to Rotorua each year to enjoy a traditional show or feast on Hangi. Do you want to make the most of your Maori experience but are unsure which option to choose? We’ll help you choose the best Maori experience Rotorua for your interests.

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