Bokor National Park Cambodia View from the top of Bokor Mountain

Bokor National Park Cambodia – Kampot Attractions

Bokor National Park Cambodia

Preah Monivong, also known as Bokor National Park, located just outside of Kampot town is a beautiful natural park with a rich with history and culture. Although it is possible to hike through the national park itself, most visitors are keen to explore the many treasures of Bokor National Park. An easy day trip from Kampot, Bokor National Park Cambodia is easily one of the best Kampot attractions.

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Crossing a narrow bridge on our Battambang Tuk Tuk Tour

Battambang Tuk Tuk Tour – What can you see?

Battambang Tuk Tuk Tour – A perfect way to explore Battambang

One of the easiest and best ways to see Battambang is to take a Battambang tuk tuk tour. With the right driver, or a plan of what you want to see, you’ll have a great day in and around the city.

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Royal Palace Phnom Penh Dress Code Cambodia

5 Best things to do in Phnom Penh and the dress codes for them

There are some fascinating things to do in Phnom Penh if you’re interested in learning about Cambodian culture and history. If you’re visiting the historical and cultural sites it’s important that you dress appropriately. The Royal Palace Phnom Penh dress code is a great guide for what is considered appropriate attire when visiting these sites in what is a modest, conservative country.

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Best tombs in Hue

3 best tombs in Hue: Visiting the Imperial City

The Imperial City of Hue is one of the biggest draw cards for travellers visiting Vietnam. Construction of the Imperial City began in 1804 under Emperor Gia Long, the first emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Surviving 143 years and 14 emperors the Nguyen dynasty came to an end when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated the throne and transferred power to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The tombs of the Emperors are in various places around Hue and are equally as impressive as the Imperial City itself.  If you’re wondering which tombs to visit in Hue, here is a run down on the best tombs in Hue.

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My Son Sanctuary - one of the few temples still standing

My Son Sanctuary – What to expect and how to enjoy it

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary - one of the few temples still standing
My Son Sanctuary – Cham Temples in the mountains

The UNESCO World Heritage site of My Son is one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in South East Asia. Once the political and cultural epicentre of the Champa Kingdom, what remains is a beautiful complex of ruins, laid out amongst the mountains.

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